Past Projects

Highlighted Projects

Robert F. Stephens Courthouses Plaza

Lexington, KY

CMW Architects in conjunction with Borrelli & Associates designed Courthouses Plaza which would incorporate two large interactive water features. These would be the first interactive public water features in Fayette County, and CMW used their in-house engineering staff to design them. There are two fountains on the property, designed in 2002 and publicly bid in 2003 for the Lexington Fayette county government. The first public fountains designed by Russell Sitter "The Fountaineer"

Global Citizens Plaza

Chapman University Orange, CA

With more than 60 nation's flags surrounding the water feature, at the new student quad, this fountain stays true to its theme 'Citizens of the world'. This stainless steel globe on a submerged turntable with ambient lighting was completed in 2009, and dedicated by former secretary of state Colin Powell. This design incorporates a one of a kind underwater, seismic resistant, electric rotating pedestal designed by the Fountaineer himself, Russell Sitter. The way the water gently falls across the rotating globe's surface completely belies the sturdy underwater machine that makes it work. The complex design of the fountain plays into its simplicity on the surface, making it a wonderful addition to Chapman University.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas, NV

Constructed for the Spring and Summer displays in the Las Vegas Bellagio Conservatory, these glass spheres create a beautiful visual effect of the orbs being suspended on a pillar of water. Although these were not complicated water features, their shape and simplicity make them attractive. The sphere behaves as a lens, inverting the light entering the opposite side. The lighting and motion of the water combined with the scent of fresh cut flowers are enjoyed by 35,000 visitors daily.

Washington National Stadium

Washington, D.C.

This sculpture depicts the rotations of a thrown baseball. Although, simple in theory, many hours were spent researching how the baseball would look during each rotation mid-air. Although sports such as baseball are different every game, the effects of natural laws on the ball will always remain a constant. Thus making the theme of this complex in design but simplistic at face value art installation.